Bathroom Collection

Everything starts with stone

We wanted to create a tap where nature and technology blend seamlessly.
We chose marble because it’s a fantastic, eternal, complex and unique material. We chose two iconic marbles: white Carrara and black Marquina.

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Un materiale eterno, antico e sobrio

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Rezzato — Lavorazione del disco
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Bianco Carrara e Nero Marquina: due pietre iconiche, conosciute in tutto il mondo

Il marmo grezzo Carrara e Marquina
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Il meglio della lavorazione artigianale italiana

Il disco
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La pietra, il metallo e l'acqua

Il taglio a freddo

How it's made

MARMO is hand­made.

We selected, cut and polished the best stones in order to obtain a thin and resistant cover, a perfect cylinder at its best geometric expression.

MARMO was conceived in Brescia, at iB Rubinetti headquarter, where we created and assembled all the elements of the taps​

The marble protects and hides a compact and innovative water mixing system. From the outside, only the perfection of geometry and material are visible.

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Essential and perfect. Simple and elegant.

MARMO’s elegance goes beyond time and fashion. It fits any bathroom. Two identical MARMO are impossible to find: every piece is made unique by the always different marble veins.

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Form and function

A complete collection with several shapes, sizes and functions. It can be integrated easily in every bathroom.

MR200 – MR220 – MR202
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MARMO can meet the consumers desires with its different finishes, materials and colours. White Carrara​/Black Marquina

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Bath mixer

A freestanding tap off the ground where everything is hidden but easy to reach, for the best bathing experience.

Carrara WhiteMarquina Black

The MARMO Bathroom Collection

MARMO is a complete series made of 72 models, with different shapes and sizes for different functions, that keeps uncompromised its elegant beauty.
Discover the MARMO collection

Carrara WhiteMarquina Black

The MARMO L Bathroom Collection

A special series with a different right angle bent.
Discover the MARMO L collection

The design

MARMO is the opportunity for the designers Antonio Gardoni and Federico Castelli, to fulfil the dream of creating an archetype tap collection, through the perfect combination of metal, stone and water in a pure and essential geometrical shape.

MARMO combines the Italian artisanal know­how and the industrial technology in a product that celebrates the power and durability of the material.

MARMO introduces the timeless elegance of a primitive material, always associated to the pleasure of water.

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IB Rubinetti presents MARMO, the first stone clad tap