BOLD Round

Federico Castelli + Antonio Gardoni
Design Federico Castelli + Antonio Gardoni

The industrial tap design essence is in the design of the BOLD Collection, the new product designed by Federico Castelli & Antonio Gardoni. Marked with a knurling that makes the grip easy and comfortable, the name reinforces the peculiarity of these taps, inspired by the metropolitan design of the industrial taps, where the salient aspects are robustness, essentiality and functionality. A strong collection, with “character”, a synthesis of a concept that focuses on the aesthetics of the lever, with the will to create something new in the landscape of the bathroom design. BOLD is available with two types of levers - the “lever” and the “handwheel” - combined on a collection of products. A project that reinvents a memorable design with a contemporary touch and leaving the mark with a fresh, courageous and unusual idea. “We are called to be BOLD”. 


  • CFblack chrome
  • CSbrushed black chrome
  • CCchrome
  • NPmatt black
  • SSbrushed nickel
  • OOgold
  • IIpale gold
  • ISbrushed pale gold
  • RSrose gold
  • ONnatural brass



Gallery Environments

BOLD Round Panorama

Miscelatore lavabo completo di scarico Click-Clack


Washbasin mixer with Click-Clack waste

Lavabo Alto completo di scarico Click-Clack


Tall Washbasin with Click-Clack waste

Lavabo monoforo con due leve completo di scarico Click-Clack


Mono hole Washbasin Mixer with Click-Clack Waste

Lavabo a parete monoforo


Monohole built-in basin mixer

Miscelatore bidet


Bidet Mixer with a Click-Clack Waste

Bocca d'erogazione a parete


Wall-mounted Spout

Lavabo tre fori bocca alta completo di scarico Click-Clack


Three Holes Washbasin with Tall spout and a Click-Clack Waste

Lavabo tre fori bocca bassa completo di scarico Click-Clack


Three Holes Washbasin with Short spout and a Click-Clack Waste

Bidet tre fori con bocca d'erogazione esterna completo di scarico Click-Clack


Three Holes Bidet Mixer with a Click-Clack Waste

Bordo vasca da appoggio cinque fori con kit doccia


Five Holes Deck-mounted Bath Filler with Shower Kit

Bordo vasca quattro fori con uscita per colonna riempimento


Four Holes Deck-mounted Bath Filler with an Overflow Outlet

Bordo vasca a parete cinque fori con kit doccia


Five Holes Wall-mounted Bath Filler with Shower Kit

Miscelatore bordo vasca da terra completo di kit doccia


Free-standing Bath Filler Mixer with Shower Kit

Doccia incasso due fori \\ Rubinetti arresto


Traditional Built-in Shower \\ Stopcock

Doccia incasso tradizionale a due vie con deviatore


Traditional Built-in Shower with Two Ways Diverter

Colonna doccia completa di miscelatore di kit doccia


Shower Column with Shower Kit

Lavabo tre fori a parete


Three hole washbasin set

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